Kroger - Tenant Overview


February 1, 2024


Tenant Description

Kroger, established by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio, stands as one of America's largest grocery retailers. With 2,800 stores across 35 states and generating $132.5 billion in annual sales, Kroger's influence and reach in the supermarket sector are substantial. This extensive network underscores the company's dominance in the industry.

Offering a wide range of products including groceries, pharmacy items, general merchandise, and jewelry, Kroger caters to diverse consumer needs. Its significant revenue from private-label brands highlights a commitment to quality and affordability, contributing to strong customer loyalty and brand appeal.

Kroger's adoption of technology in operations is noteworthy. Innovations in e-commerce, digital coupons, and customer engagement platforms have enhanced shopping convenience and efficiency, solidifying its competitive position in the retail market.

The company's growth is evidenced by strategic acquisitions and expansions, including the merger with Harris Teeter and the acquisition of Roundy's. These actions align with Kroger's ambition for market expansion and offering diversification, pointing to a focused growth trajectory.

Financially robust, Kroger reported a $912 million operating profit in the third quarter of 2023, reflecting strong fiscal management. As a tenant, Kroger's market reach, brand strength, and innovation-driven approach make it highly desirable. Despite facing market competition and volatility, Kroger's diverse offerings and strategic initiatives position it as a stable and dynamic tenant in the commercial real estate landscape.

Average Asking Cap Rate


3 mo avg (21 properties)

Typical Investment/Lease

Average Sale Price




$/Square Foot

$80 -$170

Building SF

25,000 - 65,000

Approx. Store Count


Lease Term

20 Years


Flat Initial Term

Stock Symbol


Credit Quality



Average Asking Cap Rate Trend





Reflect only properties with long-term lease.

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