O'Reilly Auto Parts - Tenant Overview


January 25, 2024

Auto - Parts

Tenant Description

O'Reilly Auto Parts, established in 1957, has evolved from a single store in Missouri to a major player in the auto parts industry with over 5,700 stores in 47 states. This extensive network underscores its significant market share and influence in the automotive aftermarket industry.

The company offers a wide range of auto parts, tools, and accessories, serving both professional service providers and DIY enthusiasts. O'Reilly's commitment to customer service and its comprehensive inventory caters to various automotive needs, distinguishing it from competitors and fostering strong customer loyalty.

Incorporating technology, O'Reilly utilizes advanced inventory management systems and an effective online platform. This strategic use of technology enhances operational efficiency and customer experience, reinforcing its position in the evolving retail sector.

O'Reilly's growth is marked by expansions and strategic acquisitions, with plans for further market penetration and sustained development. These steps reflect a robust growth strategy, demonstrating the company's commitment to remaining competitive and forward-thinking.

O'Reilly's real estate strategy focuses on high-visibility, accessible locations, aligning with market demographics for maximum outreach. Financially, the company shows a strong upward revenue trend and profitability, indicating market stability and resilience. As a tenant, O'Reilly offers brand recognition, customer loyalty, and adaptability, despite potential market risks. This positions O'Reilly Auto Parts as a stable, adaptable, and appealing tenant in the commercial real estate sector.

Average Asking Cap Rate


3 mo avg (434 properties)

Typical Investment/Lease

Average Sale Price




$/Square Foot

$250 - $450

Building SF

6,500 - 7,500

Approx. Store Count


Lease Term

15 Years


5% - 10% Every 5 Years

Stock Symbol


Credit Quality



Average Asking Cap Rate Trend





Reflect only properties with long-term lease.

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